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Sac City's first library began when the Sac City Library Association was organized in July of 1891.  This early attemp was a subscription library with membership of $1.00 and was hourse in private homes.  In 1881, the collection was moved to the Sac Sun office, then to Dr. Woodridge's office, and finally to the Barkel Drug Store.  The store managers acted as librarians while the collection was in their keeping. 

By 1884, Harper and Brothers offered $5,000 and a lot of land if the community would commit to and additional $5,000 for the construction of a permenant library; City Hall became the library.  A librarian was hired and was paid $5.00 a month.  In 1909, Mr. Andrew Carnegie gave $8,000 for a new library building provide the city would find a lot to build on and commit to continued support for its operation and maintenance.    The Carnegie Library was dedicated in February of 1914.  Miss Nan Denman was hired as librarian and remained until 1938. 

In 1984, the Carnegie Library Bulding was considered inaccessible.  In 1985 the library board dedicated themselves to constructing a bulding that could be easly accessed by all.  The library staff and board won a LSCA Title II federal grant which was matched by the City of Sac City.  Further community fundraising provided by the community, helped pay for our current library built in 1989. 

Most recently the library has undergone renovations to improve lighting, paint, carpeting and landscaping making it a current and comfortable facility.  The library is located at 1001 West Main Street.